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o receive grants, just as the van and

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You have obtained an interview -- congratulations! You feel prepared to discuss your strengths Cheap Kevin Durant Jersey , your accomplishments, your willingness to work hard and learn quickly, and your ability to fit seamlessly into the employer's needs. But... you don't know anything about the employer. You may not even be sure what kind of industry they are in. Do some quick homework before your interview and you may glean a basic understanding of their business that can set you apart from other candidates.

In the "old days" you would have needed to visit a library to try to find the employer in a Business Directory or Manufacturers' Guide. Now you can use the Internet to investigate. If you are lucky, and find that they have their own website Cheap Stephen Curry Jersey , explore it completely, like a search engine spider, page by page and link by link. It will provide you with genuine insight into their organization, their accomplishments Wholesale Golden State Warriors Jerseys , and their values. Try to identify what kind of problems and challenges they may be facing which you could address in an interview. If the company does not have a website, Google them and see if they show up on another site.

If you know their product or service (if you don't, anonymously call the receptionist and just ask what the company does) search for their name within similar sites. If you cannot find the company anywhere, or can't find any helpful details Wholesale Warriors Jerseys , look at the industry they are in and see what is currently a hot topic and what predictions for future change are being discussed.

All such information will be immensely valuable in your interview either to demonstrate your ability to solve problems or, at the very least, allow you to ask intelligent, pertinent questions.

New Green Truck Fund to Help Reduce Emissions Business Articles | July 29 Cheap Golden State Warriors Jerseys , 2016

Transport Minister Andrew Jones announces a government fund to promote haulage companies’ move to environmentally friendly green trucks.

At the end of June 2016, Transport Minister Andrew Jones announced that the government would be initiating a fund to help promote the move by haulage companies to environmentally friendly green trucks.

According to the Minister, the fund will consist of £19 million. £15 million is to encourage the transfer to innovative low and zero emission vehicle technologies, and the remaining £4 million will be for new alternative fuel infrastructures including electric vehicle charging stations.

Low Emission and Green House Gases

Road transportation is one of the largest contributors to the buildup of greenhouse gases. According to some studies Cheap Warriors Jerseys , cars and trucks contribute some 11% of total yearly emissions - and this percentage is growing year by year.

Truck fleets that make the move to low emission or zero emission vehicles can significantly contribute to a substantial decrease in carbon emissions in the areas they operate in. It is estimated that the use of alternative fuel technologies in a petrol vehicle will reduce emissions by some 62%, and in a diesel powered vehicle by approximately 53%.

Studies by the European Environmental Agency suggest that a move to low emission technologies, electric vehicles and other anti-pollution measures by haulage companies and car manufacturers could half the number of deaths caused by air pollution by 2020.

How Low Emission Trucks Can Benefit Your Fleet

As drivers and haulage companies across the country are well aware, more and more cities and urban concentrations are implementing Low Emission Zones where trucks are penalised for their carbon emission levels. For example Wholesale Willie Green Jersey , all roads in Greater London, around Heathrow Airport and some parts of the M1 and M4 are included in London’s LEV zone (not the same as the congestion zone).

This means that if your vehicles fail to meet LEZ emission standards, you will automatically be charged for using the zone and could also be liable for some hefty penalty charges as well.

Low Carbon Truck Trial Goes One Step Further

The government’s Low Carbon Truck pilot has put some 300 gas powered trucks on UK roads. However, despite this apparent success Wholesale Zaza Pachulia Jersey , there still remains a significant barrier to increasing this number: the lack of suitable infrastructure to make the move to LPG powered vehicles feasible.

This latest scheme has been applauded by haulage companies and transport associations across the country as being a step in the right direction. It is hoped that this extra funding will help fleet operators to significantly step up their existing emission reduction programs, which include driver training, aerodynamic trucks and loads, as well as better route planning and journey scheduling.

One of the suggested ways in which fleet operators can improve emission efficiency is by using this new source of funding to become part of Research and Development bodies that are dedicated to the transport industry Wholesale Omri Casspi Jersey , and finding new and innovating solutions for the haulage industry.

There has been some criticism of the new scheme for not going far enough in its scope. Some have said that the HGV industry needs to receive grants, just as the van and car sectors, that can be used for improving equipment and lowering emission levels.

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