Bremont ALT1-C BLUE ALT1-C/BL/R Replica Watch

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Bremont ALT1-C BLUE ALT1-C/BL/R Replica Watch

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Bremont HMAF Argonaut Diver's Watch Wrist Time Review

The conversion of Britain's beloved Bremont, Bremont JAGUAR MKII replica watches,a still young house in an industry-owned centenarian brand, has produced special versions of standard models of military units, such as the Royal Navy's Clear Diver, and a surprising US Air Force C- A long history of 130 operators and RAF flight engineers. In fact, Gilles English, the co-founder of Bremont, states that up to 25% of Bremont's business is related to military customers. In view of this important relationship, earlier this year, Bremont launched the Armed Forces series under the British Queen's, which are three watches recognized by the Royal Army, Navy and Air Force.

Although not actually issued to military units, it is reported that these watches are designed in cooperation with the forces they want to recognize. In addition to their obvious market value, these watches also have cool design concepts. As a deep-sea diver and a former Coast Guard search and rescue vessel operator, I love sailing watches. I'm happy to spend some time with the Royal Watch Royal Navy style watch-Double Crown Argonaut in the HMAF series to see how it stacks up with the more legendary diver watch S500 of the Bre Bre. I also commented on it, And how it is accepted by the entire dive watch community.

It's important to note that in addition to military ties, Bremont's HMAF series also represents a new, lower-priced group of modern Bremont works, is still a lot cheaper than Bremont's flagship diving watch, the Supermarine S500. The Supermarine S500 costs $ 4,695, although this is a lot of money in the British currency (breadcrumbs or cookies, maybe ?). So, without any effort or other false humorous attempts, let's immerse ourselves in tactics and dive into the ocean, Bremont Argonaut, a 300-meter diver watch with internal Bezel, domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal and astronomical clock. Certification is due to the regulated BE-92AV automatic movement.
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Each of HMAF's collections is inspired by the British Dirty Dozen, a collection of twelve British military-issued watches (produced by brands such as IWC, JLC and Omega, as well as nine other manufacturers), The design of each watch follows the same specifications of the US Department of Defense: small seconds, Arabic dial, illuminated markers and thick arrow marks (representing the property of HMAF.) These watches collectively represent the design of military watches, and are the first time that the British have dedicated their troops Manufacture of watches. The original Dirty Dozen series of watches were sought after by military watch collectors for their long history and true utility as tool watches.

Try to take advantage of this tradition, the dial of the new Argonaut is also very practical, with a highly clear design, coated with Arabic-style markers of Super-LumiNova at 12 o'clock, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock, and the hands on the case Added gloss remaining hours mark. The minute tracking process is simple white hash lines, and there is very little text on the dial. Only the signature of Bremont at 12 o'clock, "HMAF" is very delicate gray text, which is almost invisible on the matte black dial. "Chronometer "And the small text" 300m – 980ft "at 6 o'clock. (Baby boomers will need their readers.) Bremont's Argonaut phone is also comfortably restrained with a simple joystick pointer, with the hour hand in black and the orange hand in orange. For deep visibility reasons, each pointer is Coated with Super-LumiNova coating. The traditional date window is located at 3 o'clock, surrounded by white,
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Bremont's Argonaut kit is very easy to read. This was a handsome design I really liked throughout the test period, but with some restraint. It's a bit retro-style, but has enough modern elements to avoid looking like a reissue. Although I didn't get the chance to participate in this particular Bremont dive, I hope the watch can also be seen underwater, as long as it is visible from the beginning. Although Super-LumiNova on the dial, hands and bezel of Argonaut is enough and can last all night, I really hope more for this price. That said, the lighting on Argonaut is good, but not as good as the light on Bremont's own S500. I found this to be a real light show below Detroit's city streets and deep underground.

Around the dial is an internal diver's bezel with two-way, two-way elapsed time, controlled by the crown at 4 o'clock. Compared with the white Super-LumiNova on the dial, the bezel is characterized by the fact that Super-LumiNova is printed on the dial in green (not white) (bezel and dial glow green) and has a good touch. Earlier, I have talked about the effectiveness of the inner bezel as a diving tool, but I have to revisit this issue here. The double crown internal bezel design looks great and has been adopted by brands for a long time. They believe that the design will cause the bezel to move unexpectedly, so that it cannot track the diver's dive time and therefore cannot provide gas.

Frankly speaking, unscrewing the crown to adjust the bezel is actually a problem of wearing any type of diving gloves, and unscrewing the crown can also endanger the watch's usual fatal injury, namely (seawater) immersion, which makes the problem more serious. . Generally, considering accurate bottom time, divers only set the bezel before floating on the surface and about to dive.
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Therefore, we know that in the best case, a diver would jump into the water with an internal bezel watch like Argonaut, carefully unscrew the crown, then set the bezel as the bezel swings in the sea, and then Turn the crown back on all while carefully placing your wrist on the water? I can say from experience that this is harder than it sounds. Some people will argue that even though the crown is not tightened, these watches are water-resistant, but those who have a Swiss-made chronograph valued at $ 3,700 are bolder than me. For real diving, if I don't wear a watch at all, for the reasons mentioned above (* carefully slide down the flippers on the soap box *), it may not have an internal bezel.

Incidentally, watches with dual crowns and built-in bezels must have existed and survived previous submarine repairs. One obvious example is that there were too many watches with super-compressor cases manufactured in the 1960s and 70s. Not even screws. Under the crown. Instead, Super Compressors relies on a complete housing concept that is somewhat flexible and becomes more watertight when pressure is applied. However, the truth is that many of these diver's watches flooded, the technology was eventually almost abandoned, and it certainly wasn't used on Argonaut.

In addition to the actual diving issues, the operation of the Argonaut internal baffle was somewhat critical. It feels good to loosen the crown of the bezel at 4 o'clock, but the bezel is bidirectional, and there is no scale or "click" on the minute scale, just like in Bremont's own collection MB II. It is also difficult to arrange it exactly where you want it, which can be a challenge for OCD among us, although many people, including the Royal Navy operator who is theoretically designed for it, may not care. In either case, Argonaut's wrist does look great, and both crowns are tightened, which is likely to be a small brick house like other Bremont watches. If you just want to watch diving, or more accurately, swim on the beach,

One of Bremont's signature technical design aspects is its three-piece "Trip-Tick" case, which is made in England with front and rear "middle barrels", which are usually titanium alloy or DLC coated steel. However, the rest of the Argonaut and HMAF series are designed with a more traditional two-piece stainless steel case and screw-in caseback, probably to achieve the aforementioned lower retail prices.
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Argonaut's 42mm wide case is also engraved with parallel lines on the side, which adds visual interest even if it has no practical value. Although it is not Trip-Tick, the steel used in the Argonaut enclosure is still subject to Bremont's hardening technology, which guarantees better scratch resistance than existing steel. Although the Argonaut's case doesn't really wrap the wrist, the relatively short lugs to lugs make Argonaut a reliable choice for even smaller wrists, including my own 6.25-inch wrist, which found larger The S500 is a bit stretched unless I wear it on a wetsuit or wetsuit.

Combining anti-reflective and slightly domed sapphire crystals, I hope Argonaut is in good shape, and despite my best efforts, so far I haven't managed to scratch it. I've always liked a good trunk, and the trunk of Argonaut is very interesting, which is characterized by heraldic emblems of the Royal Army, Navy and Air Force. Although the actual connection depth between Bremont and these services is a bit insignificant in this case, it is really great and performs well. I can't help wondering why the "Argonaut" facing the Royal Navy not only has the peak of the Royal Navy, but not the peak of its sister forces, but I digress. At least not engraved with a diving cap, a Navy SEAL trident or a submersible.

In general, Bremon's main argument is that many of its products are certified as observatory watches. Argonaut under the Queen Je is no exception, it is equipped with an improved 11 1 / 2-inch BE-92AV caliber chronograph with 25 jewels, Glucydur balance, balance with hairspring, Nivaflex 1 mainspring, 42 hours power Stored and signed by Bremont. The rotor beats at a speed of 28,800 bph. Based on ETA 2836-2, this movement is sturdy and reliable for fine-tuned horsepower. I enjoyed the excellent timing function on the test Argonaut, with an average of about 2 seconds per day, which is enough for even the most stringent adjustment enthusiasts.
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Although the production version of Argonaut will be standard on the navy blue canvas strap, my pre-production model is equipped with Bremont's excellent Temple Island rubber strap to fit 20mm lugs. The strap is dark blue and almost black, which perfectly complements the Argonaut dial. Temple Island is made of natural rubber and is thick, like it takes time to break through. However, when it does, it is a very comfortable and secure strap that maintains a more refined look than many other rubber straps, and even many high-end options. I highly recommend using this belt on Bremont, which often gets wet. Although expensive when buying them in the aftermarket, this strap is really great.

In a sense, I feel like I've been struggling with Argonaut. I like watches. I think that for most wrists, the width is about 42mm, and the size is close to perfection. Because the dial and earpiece are well designed, it looks really good and clear and easy to read. My only problem is to argue that Argonaut is a serious watch designed for military diving purposes, and as I explained, this is not the case. The Department of Defense agreed with me when they bought the watches, they only issued more traditional outer-circle diver watches to their divers, such as the famous Rolex Mil-Sub or more easily available CWC Royal Navy Quartz or SBS Issue watches (if MOD Then choose to issue them analog watches.)

To sum up, for those who have military ties to the sea or the Royal Navy, or those who appreciate the pragmatic look of military watches, Argonaut is a beautiful luxury watch. As a fan of Bremont from the beginning, I'm excited to see the brand play a lower price in the HMAF range, especially in maintaining the quality we expect, which is based on the Henley-on-Thames brand.Patek Philippe Calatrava Pilot Time Travel Ref. 7234A Replica Watch

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